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Hi friend,

I’m Taylor Lanoie (La · Noy)


I'm a photographer, social media strategist, travel junky, environmentalist, and early riser!

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You can find me with a good book, a cold coffee or walking my dog. I’m untraditional in the sense that I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I don’t believe in working a 9-5, those two factors motivated me to start my own business. I spent a bit of time living in France and since coming home I’m always itching to go on my next adventure and soak up as much of this beautiful planet as I can! Inspiration finds me at all hours of the day, so I’ve decided to take an “always on”, proactive approach and work in the environments that leave me feeling most inspired. That being said your audience is always online and that’s where I’m happy to be. 

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What matters to me

This business, for me, is more than just “social media marketing.” It’s an opportunity for me to leave this planet a little greener, kinder and intentional than I found it but only with the support of the brands that collaborate with me. My heart will always be drawn to the companies who “give a crap” and those are the companies who sit at my table. Entrepreneurship gives us this incredible opportunity to reinvent the wheel, care for people in ways that some businesses just “can’t”, make decisions that impact our local community and change the world.

If you are a business that believes in leadership development, environmental stewardship or the impact of community, we would be a great fit and I would love to hear from you! I only take one client per industry because I think it’s important to give my best to the businesses that support me!


Each business has a story to tell, and I want to help you tell it in the most meaningful, impactful and purposeful way.

I’m a content strategist, brand builder, network connector, storyteller, consultant, photographer and writer.


I know that you’ve been doing your social all this time without me. I know that you can take your own pictures and post your own captions.

What I offer is "strategy" so that we can minimize the time that you have to spend online, focus on achieving your goals and, of course, deliver all of this in messaging that is intentional and impactful.

How do I do it? Well, it starts with a strategy session, let’s deconstruct your brand, talk about your customers, your most successful posts, what your goals are, the things that differentiate you from your competition. Then let's get to work to develop your digital assets that can take your business to the next level.


Simon Sinek said it best,

What do I do?

"People don't buy what you do,

they buy why you do it."

My Experience

Like most Millennials, my love affair with the digital sphere began on MySpace, little did I (or Tom from MySpace) know it was laying the foundation for my future career. Fast forward to 2011 and I was creating content and managing social media for a few local radio stations.


Today, you can find me creating authentic, purposeful content for both global and local brands – meaning I get your customers talking to you and I get your customers talking about you! Looking to drive sales and greater brand awareness? Look no further. 

 To date, I’ve given a number of social media presentations and workshops locally and 12 presentations across Austria and Germany – I’m always looking for opportunities to teach clients what I know about social and how it can work better for them.


I also like to stay on top of the latest marketing and social media trends so you can find me regularly at social media conferences and workshops! As a brand, this means you’re getting cutting edge social media management and the latest trends in content creation.  

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We would be 

Great together

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